JAK offers a variety of cabinet lines including foreign and domestic to meet each client’s needs. We have an experienced kitchen & bath designer on staff to help with all of your upcoming projects.


Discover the perfect kitchen and bath cabinets at Jak Moulding & Supply – where style meets affordability. Dive into our Fully Custom Cabinetry collection, a top-notch selection of handcrafted cabinets that brings your vision to life. Each piece is crafted to order using the finest wood, providing endless options for a truly personalized built-in look. Embrace the freedom of design, keeping in mind that this level of customization may slightly extend the wait time and investment. Elevate your space with cabinets that blend quality, craftsmanship, and your unique style.


Elevate your kitchen or bath cabinet with the perfect finishing touch – the countertop. Explore a spectrum of colors and product samples at our showrooms, where you can effortlessly compare finishes and coordinate with your cabinetry. Once you’ve found your ideal match, we’ll seamlessly guide you to the fabricator, empowering you to select the precise countertop that will bring your project to perfection. Your dream space awaits its crowning glory!

We offer Granite, Quartzite, Quartz, Laminate


Complete your project with a selection from one of our many hardware suppliers to give your project its finishing touch.